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Emilia Romagna is the land of colours and tastes.
Get ready to for your taste buds to be tickled, starting from a rich breakfast, you can choose between tasty sweet or savory, a buffet with cakes and pies prepared daily by our chefs, biscuits, cereals, butter and various jams, yogurt, fruit juices, hot drinks and for lovers of salted meats and cheeses.

After a pleasant day at the beach, the appointment is with the tradition and the delicacies of our kitchen!
For lunch and dinner we offer 3 menus to choose from: with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes accompanied by the pleasure of a large vegetable buffet, hot and cold appetizers and a wide selection of desserts.
Each proposal is designed to give you the typical features of the territory, from seafood proposals with the best fish, to land specialties up to the love and dedication by all of us in making you taste the exceptional flavor of homemade pasta.
And if you want to discover the traditions of our table up close, we also organize a typical weekly Romagna dinner where, in addition to good mood, you can also taste the delicious piadina romagnola. Good table and smiles will be protagonists!

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